Other Writings

These works depart from the ‘Josh and Dana Series’ protagonists and format.

The Route:

A tale of a solid blue collar man of principle and decency and the effect those principles and that decency have upon an extended family. A story of action and adventure; partly physical, partly mental, ultimately uplifting.

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Sub Rosa:

Genius put to evil intent. A tale of larceny and revenge born of war and reprisal that sweeps over four countries on three continents. A form of terrorism threatens national security. All unraveled on San Francisco Bay due to a chance encounter at an amateur soccer match.

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Southwest Southwest:

Maggie Reagan had an itch to travel. She needed some new input, some fresh air from her flat, sedentary marriage. What started as a leisurely tour of the Southwest of the UK became much more when she overheard a kitchen conversation at her B&B. She found adventure and layers of love that redefined her marriage and her life.

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Escape to New Orleans

Escape to New Orleans:

A young man comes of age when he flunks out of college and impulsively accepts an invitation to travel to New Orleans with a stripper. His adventures there with mobsters and ex-cons reveal to him his unrecognized strengths and provide direction for his future.

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The Jewess of Savannah

The Jewess of Savannah:

Sarah Steiner came of age and of social consciousness at the outbreak of the Civil War. Correspondence with her friend and eventual husband, CSA Major of artillery Stephen Rogers, kept her aware of the progress and fortunes of the war. Her nascent humanitarianism towards the plight of the slaves was bolstered by the capture of Savannah by General Sherman as he completed his ‘march to the sea’. But her struggle was just beginning for the subsequent war, Reconstruction, that was bitter and cataclysmic.

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