“Josh and Dana” Series

The Josh and Dana series is a naked knockoff of ‘The Thin Man’ book by Dashiell Hammet and the movie series of the 1930s featuring Nick and Nora Charles. Josh is a former Marine – never an ex-Marine – investigative reporter turned freelance corporate PR advisor. Dana is a history professor and researcher, the widow of a ‘black ops’ Navy Seal.

They have a solid, mutually respectful relationship that allows them to act as an effective team. Besides being bright and clever, Dana is a strong, secure, independent woman. The couple’s patter is laced with good humor and teasing but they consistently resolve nasty situations. There is much angst in the world but you won’t find it between Josh and Dana.

The ‘Josh and Dana’ Series:

  • The Maine Event (first episode with backstories)
  • Hazard
  • Dearborn
  • Broad Beach Road
  • Water Taxi
  • Over the Rhine
  • The Shot Heard
  • Triangle
  • Jehovah’s Key Witness
  • Trouble in the Valley
  • Early Birds
  • Farewell Bend

Stand by. More are on the way.

The Maine Event: Curiosity brought Josh and Dana together…and almost got them killed. Two independent people in their mid-life met through a Maine coast research project that turned deadly. They probed an anomaly and rattled a lethal business kingpin. Josh, ex-Marine turned journalist, and Dana, the young widow of a ‘black ops’ Navy Seal. Their intellectual exercise became more action than theoretical.

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Hazard: Dana and Josh (introduced in ‘The Maine Event’) run into unexpected hostility in the hills of Eastern Kentucky while on an innocent history research visit. Some locals with secrets to keep suspect Dana of being a government snitch bent on disrupting their profitable hemp farms. Action, suspense and dastardly doin’s.

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Dearborn: Josh Malley is engaged as a consultant to an international company to review the health of their community relations. In the process, he stumbles upon terrorist cell activity. His resourceful wife, Dana, and his old Marine compatriots team up to unravel the plot and thwart it…almost.

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Broad Beach Road: It was supposed to be a vacation, house sitting a gorgeous estate in Malibu. And, it was until Josh spotted some almost-hidden classified communications gear on a beach house. This led to the unraveling of a plot with national security ramifications.

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Water Taxi: Josh and Dana hoped a one day layover in LA would cut the jet lag of the Hawaii-to-Maine trip with just enough time to get some rest, a little exercise and, maybe, save a life.

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Over the Rhine: It was just another corporate gig…or, was it? Josh and Dana visit Cincinnati to observe and give recommendations for a stagnant neighborhood’s revitalization. Little did they expect the violence. It convinced them to stick around. He, to see his initiatives progress. She, to dig into a study of a particularly era of upheaval of this history-rich city.

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The Shot HeardThe Shot Heard: Josh and Dana were in San Francisco to do a little business, see old friends and have a little R&R. But, the city had a crisis unfolding that needed outside help and Josh was not one to turn his back on a problem.

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http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/78435Triangle: The fortune underpinning an aristocratic British family has dark roots in the slave trade of the 1700s, the ‘triangle of trade’. Dana Ward, a visiting history professor, stumbles upon secrets that get her attacked and badly injured. Who needed so badly to cover up this trail of money to present day? The story is complicated by a pending May/September interracial marriage, by petty politics within Scotland Yard and the real possibility of the Prime Ministership for the patriarch, Lord Padgett.

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Jehovah's Key WitnessJehovah’s Key Witness: Josh and Dana have new neighbors and they aren’t nice. What are these tattooed ex-cons up to? Dana goes undercover to learn more. That gets her abducted by a very scary mountain man. Josh and his law enforcement pals must find her in time. Will they lose their house…again? Will high-tech underwear be sufficient to affect a rescue?

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Trouble in the ValleyTrouble in the Valley: A lady vanishes from a well-guarded estate in the Hudson River Valley. How did she even get off the grounds? Her family is wealthy but there is no ransom demand. What’s going on? Josh Malley and friends deal with false leads and dangerous people. So dangerous that Josh almost gets his ticket punched. Who’s behind this and why?

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Early BirdEarly Birds: A sleepy retirement destination with sleepy retirees…or is it? A string of cleverly orchestrated unsolved robberies were accumulating that were almost too well executed. They were precisely performed like a well rehearsed play. In fact, exactly like a well rehearsed play.

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Farewell BendFarewell Bend: After business in San Francisco, Josh and Dana started up the coast with their sights set on visiting Seattle. After they accepted a recommendation to detour to Central Oregon, they ran into an old friend, made some new ones and found themselves pitching in to save a life and avert the destruction of a local institution. Seattle would have to wait.

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  1. December 20, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    i am moved by the emotive experience of the writing class. i am enamored by professsors, and yours is the exact stereotype of a cambridge or oxford don who serves as mentor to students that meet with him weekly, unlike american colleges where students drift like untethered balloons. i did not read the current nick and nora saga, however there are many extolled writer who use recurrent characters in their stories such a hemingway and dos passos. the character has the same comportment; it is the people they meet that shape the story, rather than the other way-read maughan. in the course of writing workshops a constant theme is the number of regects before a piece is accepted. one writer wrote a book named the “the first 100 rejections.”

  2. Lois Harry
    November 28, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    I have read all the Josh and Dana series except one and have enjoyed reading my way through the series. When will the next one be released? I can tell it would be a pleasure to meet the author and his wife, they seem to make a good team. It is not hard to picture them as Josh and Dana. I liked watching Nick and Nora in the Thin Man. I purchased the episodes on EBay a few years ago. Keep up the good work.

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